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Safe Eyes ®
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Safe Eyes ®

Safe Eyes ®
Safe Eyes ® Safe Eyes ®
Brand: Rock Croft - Mesh Eye Protection
Product Code: RCL-SE-249 : Safe Eyes
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Safe-Eyes® are a goggle design with a rubber head strap – ideal for tree monkeys!

The ‘lens’ is a stainless steel perforated sheet which is set in a moulded rubber frame.

Safe Eyes provide excellent peripheral vision with a good comfortable seal around the eyes.

Originally developed for forestry work in New Zealand, but are equally at home being used in landscaping and other arboricultural works.

Safe-Eyes® are designed, manufactured and independently tested and certified to EN1731:2006, incorporating the coverage requirements of EN166:2001. 

The product is impact rated at 45m/s and are marked "F".

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