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Pro-Pruner P100

Pro-Pruner P100
Pro-Pruner P100 Pro-Pruner P100
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Developed in New Zealand, the P100 Pro-Pruner is capable of pruning branches up to 65mm diameter.

Over the years Pro-Pruner users have developed a technique for using the Pro-Pruner:

  1. IMPORTANT the straight blade should always be on top of the branch and against the tree.  To do this you must, for first lift, approach the tree and have in your mind that you will be pruning around the tree in a clockwise movement.  You may have to cut one or two branches to let yourself in closer to the tree before you start to prune.
  2. With the straight blade on the top of the branch start pruning from the ground up to the required height.  Now take a small step in the clockwise direction around the tree and prune back down again.  Keep doing this until the tree is completed.
  3. As the curved blade is an anvil blade it does not cut. It is flat so that it only bites into the cambium layer of the branch.  The flat anvil allows you to make a slicing action as you cut.  When cutting branches 50mm or bigger, move the Pro-Pruner back and forth, this slicing action helps make the cutting easier.
  4. As the curved blade does not cut, do not apply too much pressure to the handle in your right hand, just enough to make the curved blade hold the branch.  Now pull with your left hand and the cutting blade will slice through the branch.  On bigger branches, if possible, hold the curved blade handle with your right hand under the handle, this will make it easier to allow the slicing up and down movement, when cutting bigger branches.
  5. For large 65mm branches.  Fit the Pro-Pruner to the branch, then cross your arms so that the back of your right hand is facing the tree, take hold of the handle that operates the straight blade.  Now with the back of your left hand facing you, hold the handle that operates the curved blade.  With this position you can apply much more power to the cutting blade, it is very easy to allow the Pro-Pruner to move back and forth to help slice through the branch.
  6. Very Important when pruning or cutting, (for example cutting out regen growth), with the lopper in a horizontal position the straight blade must be on the ground side of the cut. If the straight blade is on top, the weight of the tree could force the straight blade to go onto the wrong side of the tip of the curved blade and damage it, if this occurs it is not covered by Warranty.

To get the best performance from your Pro-Pruner keep it well lubricated. This will help the Pro-Pruner parts last longer and you will find that it is much easier for you to prune.  We recommend a 75/25 mixture of cooking oil and Methylated spirits, the oil is not expensive and the methylated spirits helps remove sap and allows the oil to penetrate into the bolt and washer area.

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