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Mesh-Specs BX
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Mesh-Specs BX

Mesh-Specs BX
Mesh-Specs BX Mesh-Specs BX Mesh-Specs BX Mesh-Specs BX Mesh-Specs BX
Brand: Rock Croft - Mesh Eye Protection
Product Code: RCL-SM-837
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Mesh-Specs BX employs the same safety features as the Rock Croft unfogable range unfogable eyewear with a close comfortable fit to aid eye protection.

Over the years, our customer feedback has been that the product works well under arduous conditions, they are long lasting and robust, but they do look a little ‘industrial’.  With this in mind we designed a new model of unfogable eye protection with a wrap around frame, providing a more eye catching design, but still utilising a stainless steel mesh.

Mesh-Specs BX are designed, manufactured and independently tested and certified to EN1731:2006, incorporating the coverage requirements of EN166:2001. 

The product is impact rated at 45m/s and are marked "F".

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