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Comfort of knowing your vision will never be restricted in arduous, hot, humid conditions.

Rockcroft Glasses


The Rock Croft unfogable eye protection employs stainless steel perforated or mesh ‘lenses’ to eradicate misting up, but also scratching of the lens will not impair the vision, hence their longevity. These mesh safety glasses are ideal for a variety of applications, including; chainsaw work, hedge trimming, forestry, landscaping and other arboricultural works.

.Key features

  • Unfogable mesh safety glasses.
  • Durable.
  • Scratches will not impair vision.
  • Good peripheral vision.
  • No misting.

UTechnical stuff

The Rock Croft range of unfogable Eye Protection are impact rated at 45m/s, and marked “F” rating, similar to most standard safety glasses, and are suitable for most applications where light eye protection is required.

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